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May's Speaker Mike Moats

May’s Speaker: Mike Moats

Topic: The Properly Equipped Macro Photographer

Mike Moats is a international award-winning full time pro macro photographer from Michigan. He is a Tamron Pro Team Member, Vanguard Pro, and his articles and images have been published in many photo magazines for over 15 years. He has a Macro Photo Club online with over 2,700 members, from 28 countries. Mike teaches workshops and speaks at photo conference throughout the US.

You can view more of Mike’s work on his website | www.tinylandscapes.com

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Club Activities

Monthly Speaker

Each month we feature someone who is an expert in some aspect of photography.

Monthly Photo Exhibition & Critique

For members only, your images will be critiqued and ribbons awarded by an experienced professional photographer or an advanced club member.

Casual Critique (TBD)

Mid-Week Marauders

We meet once or twice a month at a photographically interesting spot. Very enjoyable. and a;lso a way to learn from others.  Sometimes we go to lunch after the shoot and that is icing on the cake.


Join us for a members only opportunity to improve your photography! For the beginner and the experienced photographer, our programs have something for everyone.

Our Meetings

Join us in September 2022 as we begin activities for our new 2022-2023 club year. We will have various types of meetings which include in-person meetings at the Jewish Community Center (JCC), hybrid/Zoom meetings, and Zoom only meetings. Our monthly speaker and exhibition meetings are held at JCC. Mid-Week Marauders are monthly outings. Mentorship meetings are mostly held monthly.

To request information about attending any of our meetings, click at the bottom of this page to request more information.

Yearly membership dues are $50.00 for individuals and $75.00 for couples.

Anyone interested in the practice of photography is eligible for membership.

Membership entitles you to:

  • Mentorship and Workshops
  • Monthly Local Photo Outings
  • Monthly Exhibition and Photo Critique
  • Communicating with Members via our Email List
  • Portfolio Project Participation

Schedule for 2022—2023

Monthly Speakers

September 1st
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Speaker: Susan Seibert
Topic:  Photos from the Field

October 6th
(JCC/Hybrid Meeting @ 6:30pm)
Speaker: Liam DeBonis
Topic:  How Photography Saved My Life: Finding Purpose in Photojournalism

November 3rd
(JCC/Hybrid Meeting @ 6:30pm)
Speaker: Larry Gunn
Topic: Fundamentals of Drone
Photography & Composition – Using Cognitive Photography and Dynamic Symmetry

December 1st
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Speaker: David Swindler
Topic: Various Types of Photography in the Southwest (Big Views, Small Scenes, Slot Canyons, Winter/Fall, Drone, Wildlife, Milky Way, Moonscapes, Storm Chasing, etc.)

January 5th
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Speaker: Rob Shea
Topic: Infrared Photographhy

February 2nd
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Speaker: Sue Forbes 
Topic: The Lessons and Challenges of Expedition Photography Around the World

March 2nd
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Speaker: Frank Comisar
Topic: How I Turned My Photography Hobby Into A Successful Career

April 6th
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Speaker: Reid Callanan, Santa Fe Workshops
Topic: Camera’s Don’t Take Pictures

May 4th
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Speaker: Mike Moats
Topic: Macro Photography

June 1st
(JCC/Hybrid Meeting @ 6:30pm)
Speakers: Maria Baca/Helen Johnson

Topic: Portfolio Project Showcase Presentation

Exhibition Judges

September 15th
(JCC / Hybrid Meeting @ 6:30pm)
Judges: Rozanne and Todd Hakala
Assigned Topic: T Stands for …

October 20th                                                    (JCC / Hybrid Meeting @ 6:30pm)
Judge: John Courtney
Assigned Topic: Minimalism

November 17th @ 7:00 pm  (Zoom only)
Judge: Kirk West
Assigned Topic: Wildlife

December 15th @ 7:00 pm  (Zoom only)
Judge: Judy Beard and Jim Collar
Assigned Topic: Motion

January 19th (Live at the JCC & via Zoom)
Judge: Klaus Priebe
Assigned Topic:  What Makes New Mexico special.

February 16th  (Zoom Only)
Judge: Emily Mount
Assigned Topic:   Lines

March 16th  (Live at JCC & Zoom (6:30 pm)
Judge:  Michael Stoy
Assigned Topic:  Winter

April 20th  (Zoom Only at 7:00 pm)
Judge: Greg Basco
Assigned Topic: After Dark

June 15th (Zoom Only at 7:00 pm)
End of Year Awards
Judges: Dennis Chamberlain, Sandy Corless, and Helen Johnson

Mentorship Topics

 September 20th
(Zoom Meeting only @ 7 PM)
Mentor: Sara Leikin
Topic: Introduction to ELCC and Photographing the Balloon Fiesta!

December 6th
(In-Person Meeting at
Dekker, Perich, Sabatini Bldg
@ 7PM)
Mentor: Helen Johnson
Topic: (ICM) Intentional Camera Movement

January 10th
(In-Person Meeting at
Dekker, Perich, Sabatini Bldg
@ 7PM)
Mentor: Mark Werner
Topic: Infrared

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