Annual New Mexico Photo Art Show


Field Trips

Would you like to...

  • get your camera out and use it more often?
  • go to places you've seen in other people's photos?
  • spend some time with people who share your interest in photography?
  • accumulate photos for a portfolio or competition?
  • enjoy the opportunity to learn about photography from others and then use what you've learned on the spot?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then the Mid-Week Marauders and the Travel Photo Group are just what you have been looking for! Many ELCC members join together to go to interesting places to take photos, have a good time, and share knowledge. Reading a book or attending a seminar is great, but nothing replaces sharing tips and techniques while actually shooting! 


Mid-Week Marauders


Local ELCC photography trips are done in conjunction with Mid-Week Marauders. The Mid-Week Marauders are a group of individuals who participate in weekly or bi-weekly photo trips to locations in or near Albuquerque, New Mexico.  The members are usually members of the Enchanted Lens Camera club, but membership in the club is not required for participation.  The group runs on a no reservations/no regrets basis. The Marauders schedule is listed on the ELCC Calendar:
The Mid-Week Marauders in Galisteo on one of their frequent weekly field trips. See where we will be going on the ELCC Calendar and your club email.


The Mid-Week Marauders "No Reservations/No Regrets" Basis:  This means that after the announcement of a trip it is never necessary to confirm ones attendance at the trip.  Such unwanted confirmations are discouraged, as the trip will proceed with or without attendees and keeping track of attendees is not helpful to the organizers.  Similarly no confirmation of cancellation is required; as such cancellation will not change the trip schedule.  Occasionally a trip will not follow this format, but it will be made very clear in the pre-trip information that sign-up is required.

The Mid-Week Marauders trips are on the Clubs Calendar:
as well as communicated via Club e-mail.

Travel Photo Group  
The ELCC Travel Photography Group meets periodically throughout the Club year to share member’s images from travel and information related to:
  • The breadth of travel photography:
    • Landscape
    • Nature and wildlife
    • Architecture
    • Street photography
    • Cityscapes
    • Location photography
  • Equipment for travelers
    • Cameras, tripods, bags, etc.
    • Sources for printing and output media
    • Software for copyright protection of images (DigiMark, etc.)
  • Domestic and foreign travel opportunities
    • Group travel
    • Individual travel
    • Insurance for travel and equipment
  • Internet activities related to travel
    • Photo sites for posting travel images
    • Stock photo companies
    • Sites for selling travel images (, Fine Art
    • Travel photography blog
The Travel Photo Group will be a resource for ELCC members to identify photo tour and workshop opportunities that are either offered through professional vendors or offer unique opportunities for photo-related travel outside of the Albuquerue area. For 2017, the Group has compiled the following list of vendors that offer photography tours and workshops as well as travel.  ELCC has no business connection with these vendors and offers no underwriting or guarantees of the quality of their services. However, the list is compiled from recommendations of ELCC members who either have used their services or have knowledge of the quality of their services. Feedback from ELCC members having experiences with vendors on this list are solicited by the Travel Photo Group so that we can maintain the quality of the list.

The independent vendors listed below are provided for your convenience.  Neither ELCC nor its officers or Travel Photo Group members have any business connections with any of these vendors nor do they receive compensation or gratuities for including vendors in this list.  While some of these vendors have been recommended to the Travel Photo Group by ELCC members, neither ELCC nor the Travel Photo Group has done independent investigations of the quality or safety of the services offered by any of these vendors and makes no warranties of the quality or safety of their services.  It is recommended that ELCC members interested in the services of the vendors listed below make their own independent investigation of each vendor considered.

Photo Workshops and Tours

  • Foto Verde Tours – Greg Basco - - All-inclusive photo workshops specializing in the birds, nature and landscape of Costa Rica, Ecuador and other South American locations. Several ELCC members have participated in Greg’s workshops.
  • Mike Moats Tiny Landscapes -  - Mike is a nationally acclaimed photographer specializing primarily in macro work. His signature Macro Boot Camps are given all over the country and occasionally in the ABQ area. He also schedules workshops in places like Old Car City (world’s largest known classic car junkyard near Atlanta).
  • Active Photo Tours (DeYoung Photo Workshops LLC ) - - An award-winning outdoor photographer and workshop leader, Michael DeYoung conducts private, one-on-one photo instruction and mentoring sessions in New Mexico plus workshops in Alaska and Southwest Utah where he, along with his wife, Lauri, teach and promote photographic vision, creativity, and finding your own style. 
  • Jim Nielson’s Photography Travel Tours - - Jim Nilsen and his wife, Magrit conduct all-inclusive photo tours through Italy, France, Greece and Eastern Europe. Private tours are available as well.
  • Ed Heaton Photography - - Ed, along with his wife Kelly and son Zach, leads workshops in several Rocky mountain locations and the Northeastern states including a popular Washington DC Cherry Blossom workshop.
  • Bob Ayre - – Bob is a photo coach and offers tours at various locations throughout the Southwest and New Mexico.  Bob is an ELCC member.
  • Santa Fe Photographic Workshops - – Offering both classroom and tour workshops, the Santa Fe Workshops program is varied and diverse. Tours locations are local and well as in Cuba,  Asia and other locations.
  • Hemming’s Photo Tours - – Offers photo tours featuring bears and other wildlife at locations in Alaska, British Columbia and others including Central and South American locations.
  • Rod Barbee Photo Workshops - - Based out of Washington State, Rod Barbee conducts photo tours throughout the West and Pacific Northwest.
  • Robert OToole Nature Photography - -  Wildlife photography tours in diverse locations such as Alaska, South Africa, Greece, Japan and our own Bosque del Apache.
  • Southwest Photography Tours - - Landscape tours in Arizona specializing primarily in slot canyons.
  • Navajo Spirit Tours -  - Several options for guided tours of Monument Valley. Fees include guided tours only and not lodging.
  • American Photo Tours -  - Specializing in photo tours of the American Southwest and beyond.
  • Natural Habitat Adventures - Canyons Photography in the American Southwest                                         - Offering a 9-Day Grand Canyon trip
  • Jim Zuckerman Photography  - - Travel and wildlife photo trips and workshops to include several worldwide destinations
  • Road Scholar - - Numerous opportunities in locations worldwide including several options specializing in photography. Visit the website and search ‘photography’.
  • Eloquent Light Photographic Workshops - - All inclusive photo workshops in New Mexico, California, Iceland and even Tuscany. Workshop leaders include Craig Varjabedian and Ty Hardison.
  • Untours - - Untours pioneered apartment-based independent travel and has provided unique cultural vacation packages since 1975. Untours has apartments in Austria, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and the U.K. that rent for 1 - 2 weeks. In addition to its Untour packages, the company offers hand-selected small boat cruises and adventures through its Ventures offerings.
  • Josh Merrill Photography - - From the very beginner to the seasoned professional our emphasis is on creative expression and developing a personal style. We’ll always cover basics and fundamentals but we want you to explore creative techniques and take your expression of the landscape to new levels. Conducts photo workshops in Colorado, Canadian Rockies, Utah, Death Valleyand Norway.